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Benjamin Collins Living with HIV For 40 Years Is On Air

Community organiser Benjamin Collins is meeting you on our YouTube channel with people living with HIV on a live broadcast on 29 November 2020, Sunday at 16:00 EET.

Benjamin was diagnosed with HIV in 1981 and will be taking us to a historical journey based on his life story.

A living witness of HIV/AIDS history, Collins will tell us about HIV treatment from past to present and changes when it comes to society’s perspective.

Today Benjamin is 72, very healthy and fit. He will talk about living with HIV and tricks to stay healthy.

Pozitif-iz Association’s YouTube channel:


Consecutive interpreting will be provided during the event.

No accounts needed to watch live broadcasting and nobody can see if you are an attendee. However, you should sign into your Gmail account to ask questions at the end of the presentation. Your username and questions can be seen by attendees.

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