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Pozitif-iz is a non-government organisation that aims to strengthen the physical, psychological and social aspects of the people living with HIV and their relatives and that provides them with the support and consultancy they may need in this aspect.

Besides, Pozitif-iz makes contributions by spreading the correct and up-to-date information on HIV/AIDS in public in order to reduce the prejudices against it.

Beside evaluating HIV / AIDS in terms of an individual and public health, Positive-iz considers HIV / AIDS as an issue in terms of human rights and conducts its activities within this framework. No matter how new the Pozitif-iz Association is, most of the founders are the people who have been working in this kind of charity for many years.

The founders are mostly people living with HIV and have taken roles in the management and inspection committees, participated in many activities, coordinated lots of projects and carried out the peer counselling and case managements for many years in Positive Living Association which is in the same kind of charity. After leaving Positive Living Association due to the disagreements experienced in the association lately, the changes and poor-quality services given to the people living with HIV and the metal fatigue among the board members and managers, the founding members and the team have gathered and united their knowledge in a new association, which is Pozitif-iz.

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