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Investigation of the Effect of Peer Counseling in People Living with HIV

Duration : 3 months / June - August 2022

Budget : 4.000 TL

Sponsor : Red Ribbon Istanbul - Civil Society HIV Conference #HIV2022 Research Fund

Purpose and Target and Method:

It is a research conducted in Turkey for people diagnosed with HIV. It was aimed to measure the effects of an HIV-diagnosed person receiving support from another HIV-positive person affiliated with an association working in the field of HIV.

With the data obtained, it was determined that the diagnosis of the trauma of peer counselling was overcome. It was aimed to normalize life with HIV and adhere to treatment, as well as to be psychologically resilient.

On the other hand, it was also aimed that the data should be evidential and the results of the study should guide more clients to the associations working in the field of HIV by health professionals. With the study, it was also underlined that the basic training of 'peer counselling' should be taken a certain equipment/capacity should be obtained.

The study was conducted with 150 HIV-positive participants. The data were obtained from the Google.forms survey, completely anonymously, without any personally identifiable information. The survey consisted of 26 questions. The study was conducted online


HIV-positive people experience fear, sadness and vital questioning when they are diagnosed; they received support from professionals who work in the HIV field.

The participants stated that they could establish stronger and more sincere communication with their peer counsellors instead of their physicians.

With the peer counselling with those who live with HIV, the aim was to how these people can live more comfortably with their status, how can they stick with their process, and they can reach U=U status. Also, with this project people who live with HIV will become an activist in their life who can reduce stigma and discrimination in their life.

Turkish Project Report:

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