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Positive Hotline Project for People Living with HIV -2

Duration : 1 year / September 2021 – September 2022

Budget : 67,020 TL

Sponsor : Gilead Sciences

Purpose and Target and Method:

The project served between September 18, 2021 - September 22, 2022. To reach the association of HIV-positive people and their relatives from all provinces of Turkey and abroad. It was aimed at getting information and support from a peer HIV expert.

The study aimed to inform not only people living with HIV but also people who had suspected contact. In this context, people living with HIV and unaware of their condition were also referred for testing and thus treatment. It was aimed to provide services to an average of 120 people every month, including peer counselling for people living with HIV and informing people with risky contacts.

The line, which can be answered in Turkish, English and French by HIV expert peer counsellors, is served between 12.00 and 20.00 on weekdays.


During the project between September 18, 2021 – September 22, 2022; 1,093 interviews with 754 former diagnosis clients living with HIV for more than six months, 1,338 interviews with 560 newly diagnosed clients, and more than 741 interviews with 741 persons who applied for HIV information and test information. During the project, more than 3,172 interviews were held with 2,055 people in total.

Turkish Project Report:

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